Traveling Icy Regions: Even Bitter Cold Can‘t Stop Honor View 10

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What are the world’s most desolate, icy wastes? China’s Mohe County? Icelandic glaciers? Antarctic ice sheets? These are all forbidding, icy wastes, yet their stunning scenery still attracts many visitors and explorers possessed of an adventurous spirit and a love of beauty.

There is a new tool that has now fallen into the hands of many of these young explorers: the Honor View 10. With its 20 MP dual-lens camera with AI-powered zoom and real-time scenario and object recognition, the View 10 keeps a faithful record of your travels in even the most frigid environments.

The Honor View 10 was used on the China Association for Scientific Exploration’s most recent expedition to the South Pole, and was exposed to the extreme cold weather at Great Wall Station in Antarctica.

The Honor View 10’s intelligent scenario identification function is based on big data deep learning capabilities, with the onboard NPU helping to accelerate identification and adjust parameters based on specific scenarios.

A total of 13 scenarios can be identified, including Plants, Night Landscapes, Sunsets, Snow, Cats, Portraits, Beaches, and Blue Sky. The Snow scenario obviously matches the Antarctic environment, helping to better capture the beauty of Antarctica’s thick ice sheets. And with the View 10’s Smart Fitness feature, the Honor View 10 was also able to better capture the liveliness of the cute penguins below.

On the expedition, the Honor View 10 displayed superb resistance to the cold and excellent photographic functionality, and thus the View 10 has been named as an officially designated product of the China Association for Scientific Expedition.

Why is it that the Honor View 10 still runs so well in such a cold environment? The cold-weather test conducted on the View 10 and the iPhone X in China’s Mohe County may provide an answer. Each device was put in the same container, and the temperature was lowered to match the –45 C external environment. At this point, the iPhone X stopped responding, but the Honor View 10 was still able to play a video.

The key to the View 10’s capabilities lies in its onboard AI chip, the Kirin 970, the world’s first AI chip with a built-in Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU). First and foremost, the NPU is specialized for the use of AI processing algorithms. With its HiAI mobile computing architecture, the Kirin 970 offers AI performance 50 times stronger than a CPU and 25 times stronger than a GPU.

Additionally, with the NPU’s deep learning capability, the Honor View 10 studies its performance in different application scenarios and applies data on real-time usage conditions to intelligently adjust the use of internal resources, ensuring smooth operations under extreme conditions.

Thanks to the NPU’s superb efficiency ratings and deep learning capability, the Honor View 10 offers astonishing AI performance. The Honor View 10 also ranks first place when tested by Ludashi’s AI performance evaluation.

With its excellent cold resistance thanks to its resilient NPU system, the Honor View 10 is able to record the unique and majestic scenery of the Earth’s coldest locales. After strenuous tours of duty to both the South Pole and Mohe County, the Honor View 10 was then sent to Iceland in the far North Atlantic. It performed just as well as it has in Antarctica: the images of the frozen waterfall and the icy mountain below cannot help but leave a deep impression on us.

The NPU-equipped Honor View 10 was able to capture the breathtaking icy landscapes of the South Pole, Iceland, and Mohe County. We eagerly anticipate the next round of exquisite snapshots and landscape galleries that will come from View 10 users visiting the world’s most extreme climes and dramatic destinations.

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