Top 10 Tips & Tricks For New Youtubers 2017

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Hi Guys ! Today i am gonna tell you youtube’s top 10 newly added features in 2017.If you are a new youtuber and wanna create career in youtube then these tips is for you.Below tips are told by pro youtube trainers in an event so don’t miss it.Do check the list below


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YouTube Latest 10 Tips You don’t Know

  1. notification to subscribers : According to new youtube’s algorithm now youtube only sent notification to subscribers who have clicked on bell button.So now if your old subscribers didn’t clicked on bell button then let them know by your new videos.
  2.  Views Ratio : You must know the ratio of your video’s total views in a month and the ratio of people who have subscribed and who haven’t.And if your viewers who haven’t subscribed but watching your videos more then who subscribed and this is not good for your channel.So find a solution why people are not subscribing you but still watching your videos.
  3. Respect Your Viewers : Treat your viewers as a friend.For example replying to comments,Love commenting or Pin special comments.This will give a positive impression to your viewers that you are caring and this will grow your subscribers too.
  4. Grow Your Subscribers : This Tip if for those who have less subscribers even after posting many videos.If any of your video go viral in the future then take backup of your all other videos and reupload them again and remove old ones.By this you can get new views on your old videos too.
  5. Fix Day or Time for New Uploads : Decided a fix date or day to upload  a video because your subscriber must know when you will upload your new video.You can write your uploading date/time on a banner of your channel description.
  6. Communication skills : Your communication skill must be pro.For example if a new viewer is watching your video and you communication skill is very weak then there are 99% chances that viewer will skip your video dosen’t matter how much knowledge you have.So if you are not confident and your communication skill is poor then nobody will going to watch your videos.
  7. Audio and Video Quality : Video’s voice and video  clarity really matter.If voice is not clear,lots of background noise and video is not matching with audio then people start getting irritate and they skip your video dosen’t matter how that videos was good.
  8. Make Short Videos : Try to make short videos like 4-5 minutes because it is noted on youtube that people only spend 2-3 minutes for a single video .In A Case if a video is really good then someone can spend more time on a single video otherwise there is no chance.So keep it short and valuable.
  9. Do not miss any trending topic : If you have a tech channel then really don’t miss this because people usually search for a trending topic.For example If your are uploading a video related to demonetization then it will be a waste of time so create a video on trending topics.If you have a funny comedy channel then you can also create some vines or comedy video on that trending topics.
  10. audience retention graph : Always try to make your audience retention graph keep increasing.It means if people are watching your videos and they skipped to next video or closed your video without watching it completely then it will decrease your audience retention graph but in the other hand if 80-90% people are watching your video till end then there i a big chance that your video will go viral.

Extra Tip For Tech Channels :

if you have a tech channel then you must review new products because by doing this

  1. big companies ad will be displayed on your videos
  2. You can get sponsorships too.
  3. If you get sponsorship then you can also use affiliate link of related products

How to get products for reviews ? 

if you have a new channel and you are not able to buy products then try to arrange them from friends or neighbours and start with cheap products or you can use videos,photos  from internet and voiceover them.By doing this slowly you can get subscribers and money too.After that you can get your own products and if you are good in reviews and you have a good number of subscribers then companies can provide their products free.


Hope these tips will help you to grow your new youtube channel and you can get more subscribes.Please Do share with your friends and help them.

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