How to Send Large Files For Free Online

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6 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online

There are a few people who still surmise that sending or sharing documents to other immediately is very troublesome. All things considered, they are unquestionably wrong since engineers have made some stunning applications for record sharing these current years, and each of these portable applications is amazing to the point that you’ll get confounded as which one to pick.

In the wake of attempting heaps of them, I’ve finished up some best document sharing stages which you ought to have in your telephone. Obviously, I appraised these applications in view of the simplicity of use and also a few advantages and disadvantages that accompany them. Along these lines, we should delve into the rundown to know more about these applications.


WeTransfer has turned out to be one of the main file sharing versatile applications to date. One of the primary reasons why you ought to utilize this application is because of the effortlessness of its document sharing/sending strategy. Yes, when you get to the official site, you can begin sending documents to your companions without enrolling.

In any case, recall that the document you send will be accessible for seven days. Additionally, there is a 20gb document estimate restriction for each exchange, which is sufficiently very. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you require more lapse time and sending record limit, you can buy the in addition to adaptation which gives you a chance to pick your own particular close time for the document you send. The document constraint? Boundless!

Concerning the beneficiary, they will get an email notice which will guide them to the primary site to get the record. Yes, as simple as that. It is accessible for Android, and additionally iOS phones. WeTransfer is likewise “kind” on your phone in light of the fact that the span of the application is little, and it doesn’t take much RAM when you are utilizing it.


  • Easy to use, no need to register
  • Also very easy for the receiver to download the file
  • Big size limitation (even for the free user)
  • The size of mobile app is small
  • Attractive background and sound during downloading and uploading


  • There is a time expiration (7 days) for the free users before the file can be downloaded by the receiver.


Pibox is a standout amongst the most one of a kind document sending stages out there. Beside the capacity to share or send records, this application gives you a chance to visit with your friends in a messenger-like mode. Along these lines, in the event that you are an incredible devotee of talking, you will love Pibox.

Notwithstanding, you need to register first before you can begin sending documents or talking with your companions. Likewise, you have to invite your friends utilizing their phone numbers to begin talking and sharing files.

Anyway, subsequent to enlisting, you will be given a free 3 GB stockpiling to utilize. You can keep expanding the capacity up to 1000 GB by welcoming your companions to enlist in Pibox. Up until this point, there is no paid variant for Pibox, so every client is dealt with the same here. Pibox is as of now accessible for Android and desktop. The engineers of the application say that the iOS variant will be produced soon.


  • No quality loss upon sharing files between users
  • 3 GB free cloud storage after registering for the first time. You can increase it up to 1000 GB by inviting your friends to join Pibox
  • You can chat with your friends in a private or group chatroom
  • Fast uploading speed
  • The app is free for everybody, means that everybody gets the same services
  • You can change your profile picture as you prefer


  • No browser bookmarklet available yet
  • You can only invite your friends via their phone number
  • Currently, Pibox is only available for Android users


Filemail is very like WeTransfer in term of sharing/sending effortlessness. You can remain as a free client on the off chance that you need, and don’t have to enroll to begin sending records to your companions.

Nonetheless, not at all like WeTransfer, Filemail offers 30 GB measure restriction for record sending. The recipient has 7 days time point of confinement to download the record you send before it’s gone for eternity. In any case, the professional and business rendition gives you a chance to send boundless document measure and in addition controlling the time close for the record you send.

Filemail additionally has other great expansions to use for nothing, i.e., Filemail downloader and recipient (to increment download speed) and Filemail API (for designers). This application is accessible for Desktop, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.


  • Very easy to use for both the sender and receiver
  • No registration needed (if you are a free user)
  • The files shared maintain their original quality
  • 30 GB size limit to send files if you are a free user, and it’s unlimited if you buy the pro/business version
  • Supports almost any major platforms, such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Linux
  • Fast-response and helpful customer service
  • There is free Filemail Downloader and Receiver extension to make your uploading or downloading process faster
  • Filemail API is also available for developers


  • The uploading speed is rather slow compared to the other file-sharing program
  • There is a bug that says ‘no mobile data allowed, rescheduling transfer’ before you send files via mobile app. Filemail team hasn’t done anything to fix the bug or even answered the complaints from mobile users
  • Upon uploading, if you close the page, means your process will be lost and you have to start over
  • There is a 7 days time expiration for the free user

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere takes a simple, speedy, and boundless way to deal with record sharing. What’s more, in the wake of attempting it myself, I get it is not a misrepresented explanation. You can really send any documents effectively to others in truly basic strides. There is one essential direct which you have toward underline about Send Anywhere, which is the 6 digits code framework.

In this way, on the off chance that you need to attempt the application without enrolling, you basically need to go to the official site and transfer the documents you need to send. From that point forward, you will get 6 digits code. In the event that the collector has Send Anywhere introduced in their phone or PC, then they ought to embed the code to download the documents you sent before. Else, you essentially need to give them the connection to download page.

Most sending/exchanging records programs request that you give the email or telephone number of the collector, however with Send Anywhere, you don’t need to, and that is the most grounded purpose of this program.

Another good thing is that you can transfer or get the same number of documents as you need, and there is no paid or star rendition, so everybody gets a similar administration. Be that as it may, the recipient needs to hold up 60 seconds before downloading the record.


  • You don’t have to insert your email or phone number of the receiver
  • Privacy both sender and receiver is secure
  • The service is totally free. There’s no paid or pro version


  • When you send download code to receiver, they need to wait for 60 seconds before able to download the file


Volafile.io is a live filesharing and talk benefit that emphatically put stock in securing the namelessness of the clients. Basically, this program doesn’t ask your or the beneficiary’s email, telephone number and some other classified information. You don’t have to enroll to utilize Violafile.

Aside from that, this program is absolutely simple to utilize. When you get to the site, you can make a “room” (like a visit room) and share the room’s connection to the collector to talk while transferring the files.

Individuals like this program since it secures your protection and is easy to utilize. Also that you can send the same number of documents as you need. Goodness, and you can welcome more than one individuals to the room. The main issue is that Violafile has no versatile application, so the client needs to get to the room by means of program (from desktop or portable). Furthermore, the other thing is, the record you transferred to this application will keep going for around 2 days before it is brought down.


  • It is like a social media for big file sharing. So you could put files into group room and share with anyone you want.
  • There’s not only the option to send big file but you can make motion picture too from photos you uploaded in Violafile


  • Violafile doesn’t have mobile app version, so you can only use it in mobile or desktop browser.


Pcloud offers free service to send your huge documents up to 5GB in a split second. Its basic interface permits you to transfer different records through simplified. At that point fills the recipient email shape where you can indicate 10 of your companions to get your documents. From that point onward, you have to fill in your email address (as sender) and a discretionary message. Your documents will be conveyed in a single tick with ‘send records’ catch.

The immense elements that the company offers is, you can scramble your records to accomplish information security. Nobody can get to your documents until they see the secret word.


  • Can deliver your files up to 5gb instantly
  • Encrypts your files for data security


  • No mobile/desktop app provided

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