Harley-Davidson Roadster Pricing & Features

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Connect to the road like paint to tarmac
The new Roadster™ brings a new level of premium features the Sportster® line-up. Its refined package includes 43mm inverted front forks with massive triple clamps, powerful dual-disc front brakes, premium rear suspension and new digital gauge instrumentation to complement the iconic fuel tank and chopped rear fender. The riding position is aggressive, but comfortable for long rides thanks to the 19” front and 18” rear offset-split 5-spoke cast aluminium wheels, lowered bars, mid-mount controls and a new two-up seat. Its 45-degree, 1200 cc engine delivers massive off-the-line torque. Turn it loose at the green light.

Key Features

Authentic Styling
It only takes three words to describe the look of the Roadster™ motorcycle: garage-built custom. You get refined styling details, slammed bars, chopped rear fender, race-inspired graphics, a finned timer cover, slotted black exhaust shields. The list goes on.

Iconic Engine
Low-end torque is the calling card of the 1200 cc Evolution® V-Twin motor mounted in the nimble frame of the new Roadster™. It’s also known for the soul-satisfying sound.

The Roadster has plenty of stoplight-to-stoplight muscle, but the places this machine truly shines is in the corners. It’s the only Sportster® in the line with inverted front forks. And there’s a new 43mm front suspension with cartridge damping and a new steering geometry that make for easy handling and a quick response to your inputs. It’s all riding on sticky Dunlop® Harley-Davidson® Series Radial tyres.

One look at the Roadster™ is all it takes to make you want to get in the saddle and go hard. We added to that feeling with a ride that makes you never want to stop. The new two-up seat is low-profile, but designed to keep you comfortable all day. And the premium suspension is built to absorb the punishment the road wants to throw at your body.

Specs & Pricing


Vivid Black

Rs. 9,70,000

Color Rs. 9,80,000

Two-Tone Rs. 10,09,906

Hard Candy Custom Rs. 10,22,650

Watch First Ride by Video By Autocar India

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